My Biography

I am Certified Reiki Practitioner and Healer since 2006.

I am also a certified Theta Healer holding the following certifications: ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and the Manifesting and Abundance 2011 based in Lebanon. And certified a personal trainer at AEM Academy of Exercise Medicine

I offer guided meditation sessions & classes for Groups, Individuals and Couples, based on balancing chakras, removing negative beliefs, healing broken hearts and emotional traumas from previous relationships, cleansing energetic blockages, offering relaxation techniques, as well as self development strategies to balance body and mind connection, and workshops between Lebanon and Dubai several times.

As I am a personal trainer for many actresses and singers (fitness and shaping body program)

I had the chance to do several Radio and TV interviews and magazine with the following media


Subject: Life Coaching and Meditation and chakras point.

Subject: Positive empowerment and Meditation.

Subject: Meditation in General and chakras point.

Subject: New strategies for a new year.

Subject: Repair Broken Heart and find your new soul.

Subject: Heal your body and mind .


Subject: Meditation , Life Coaching.

Subject: How to smile and stay positive

Subject: Lady who ride as biker

Hadith el Balad MTV with Mona Abou Hamza

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A7la Jalse LBC with Tony baroud

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Web Magazine

اللبنانية نيسا الحاج: ممارسة الهوايات مثل التأمل، يغير حياتنا! انا أختار السعادة

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التأمل صلاتي! نيسا الحاج: السعادة خيار

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Article About fitness at independent UK Web magazine

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Article at L'orient le jour about women bikers

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Event at Biel : InShape With Jean chedid Hair dresser

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Duniati Youtube Channel

Meditation - Introduction

Power of Energy, Mind, and Thoughts

Tips for more positive energy & Breathing techniques

Base, sacral , solar: stability, emotions, self confidence

Heart: love , forgiveness

Throat, third eye, crown : expression ,visions, connection

Guided Meditation - sea imagination

Guided Meditation – nature imagination